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Chandrapur could be a municipal corporation in Chandrapur district, geographic area state, India. it’s the centre of governance of Chandrapur district. Chandrapur could be a fort town supported by Khandkya Ballal Sah, a Gond king of the thirteenth century the town is located at the confluence of the Irai and Zarpat rivers. the realm round the town is wealthy in coal seams[citation needed]. Hence, Chandrapur is additionally referred to as “black gold city”

The native folks relate the name “Chandrapur” to the words Chandra (the moon) and pur (a settlement) once a legend. students see the name as a by-product of “Indupur” (city of the moon) that stood close to the Jharpat within the Treta Yuga. Chandrapur is nicknamed the “black gold city” once near coal mining.

Chandrapur is found in central Asian nation within the jap a part of geographical region state at nineteen.57°N latitude and seventy nine.18°E great circle. the closest major town is Nagpur, a hundred and fifty kilometres (93 mi) to the north. To the east is Gadchiroli district together with the Gadchiroli forest reserve and therefore the Sundarnagar vary. To the south is that the Wardha watercourse with villages scattered on its banks. To the west of Chandrapur lies the Painganga watercourse and therefore the geographical region pike half-dozen. Chandrapur is placed at 189.90 meters higher than the mean water level.

Chandrapur lies at the confluence of the Erai and Zarpat rivers. The Erai watercourse features a history of flooding. Flood marks ar seen on the walls of the town. within the north of the town, a dam is made on the watercourse Erai, having the capability of 207 million blockish meters. The Gaontideo Nala originates from the uplands of the Chandrapur Super Thermal powerhouse. The Macchhi Nala originates from uplands of Central Forest Rangers faculty.

Chandrapur lies on parcel made in coal. Chandrapur is named a “geological museum” as there’s an outsized style of rocks furthermore as commercially valuable minerals and fossils. Samples of such rocks ar collected at the Suresh Chopane Rock depository.

The area of the town is concerning seventy.02 km². The north-south length of the town is concerning ten.6 km, whereas the east-west length is concerning seven.6 km. the town slopes from the north to the south. The recent town is enclosed by walls known as parkots. The walls have four gates: Jatpura Gate, Anchaleshwar Gate, Pathanpura Gate and Binba Gate. There also are four khidki (windows): Bagad Khidki, Hanuman Khidki, Vithoba Khidki and Chor Khidki.